New Location!!

Massage At Hand is returning to practice.

Massage At Hand is now partnered with
Pure Life Massage, Ayurveda & Coaching at their location:

130 Iowa Lane
Suite 202
Cary, North Carolina 27511
(919) 619-0211

The Mission

…is to get the results you really want. Clients commonly describe their experience at large franchise spas by saying that they felt like no one listened to them, and that they received a massage that felt like a generic, memorized routine. We take the time to perform an assessment during your intake and listen to what you’re saying in order to create an individualized therapeutic massage treatment. It’s not just about relaxation. It’s about therapeutic treatment and achieving the results you want.

We focus on the client, not sales.

Many massage providers charge different prices for different massage techniques, or add-ons. We don’t do that. Your single price will always include your therapist’s entire skill set. So don’t worry about the differences between Swedish, Deep Tissue, etc. Your therapist will talk to you in detail to determine what techniques are right for you and apply them as needed to achieve your goals.

After going to Jason, I am pleased to say that my problems have been significantly reduced.

He pinpointed the problem areas that were causing me pain and I got instant relief.

…this will not be the usual “fluff and buff” massage! [Jason] carefully goes over your needs before each session and works on the areas you identify as problematic…

What our clients say

Playing an extreme sport, my back and neck were always in pain. After going to Jason, I am pleased to say that my problems have been significantly reduced.

He pinpointed the problem areas that were causing me pain and I got instant relief. He communicated and explained to me everything he was doing. Jason also gave me stretches to try at home to help relieve my neck pain. I’m very satisfied with Jason’s work and hope to visit him in the future.

Jason is a quintessential professional. He knows about the body… this will not be the usual “fluff and buff” massage! He carefully goes over your needs before each session and works on the areas you identify as problematic. For example, he was able to loosen my neck and shoulders and was also willing to show me some additional stretches to do on my own. If you need general relaxation or relief in a particular area, then contact Jason today!

I have had several massage sessions with Jason Fogleman and enthusiastically recommend him as a professional, caring, and very skilled massage therapist.

I started working with Jason as the result of a sports injury to my hamstring, and I have been much improved following every session. Between sessions, Jason communicated not only with me, but also (at my suggestion) with the physical therapist who was helping me with the same injury.

He has impressed me with his knowledge of anatomy and physiology and his contagious enthusiasm for the many techniques and strategies that could be brought to bear in fostering my healing. He has been an important and committed part of the team of healers and coaches supporting me through the recovery process.

Before my first sessions with Jason, I was not sure how I would feel about a massage therapist of the opposite sex, but Jason creates a comfortable and relaxed environment for massage that is 100% professional and respectful. In every session, I have felt safe, relaxed, and completely comfortable with his care. I appreciate that he invites clients to dress to their level of comfort and is very communicative, both at the beginning of a session and at every step of the way, about what he will be doing, how he may need to position the body or the drape, and how the client is responding to each step.

Jason is also tremendously skilled. I have learned a lot about how my muscles, tendons, and fascia work from my sessions with Jason, and he would often share with me something that he had recently learned that was exciting to him as a possible key to helping me heal. I wish all of the medical professionals in my life showed that kind of enthusiasm for learning new techniques to support their patients!

And Jason’s physical skills as a therapist show that same commitment to learning a variety of techniques to help each patient heal, relax, and feel their best. He has used trigger point therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, stretching, and posture work in our sessions and he always manages to find the areas of tightness or pain and release them, giving me tremendous relief and great improvement in my athletic performance.

I cannot say enough good things about Jason Fogleman as a massage therapist. I hope to continue to work with him throughout the remainder of the healing process and beyond. I have recommended Jason to several friends and will certainly continue to do so. I always feel confident that, with Jason, I am quite literally in good hands.

Our therapists

Jason Fogleman, LMBT NC License #14235

Jason Fogleman, LMBT NC License #14235

Owner, massage therapist

Jason enjoys providing therapeutic massage to address the client’s bodily complaints and improve their everyday wellness. If you need treatment for specific muscle complaints, posture improvement, increased range of motion, or job related complaints then Jason wants to work with you. He utilizes assisted stretching, connective tissue treatments, and muscle therapies to help you put your body into balance while reducing your pain and leaving you relaxed.

Jason is available for on-site work within I540 and some outlying areas convenient to I540.

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Massage At Hand spent the summer partnering with local organizations. Use the organization’s coupon code to receive $10 off a regularly priced massage and Massage At Hand will donate $10 back to the organization. Partner organizations are the American Red Cross Triangle Chapter (THANKS4THEPINT), the Collegiate Recovery Community at NCSU (CRCNCSU), the Meredith College Sports Science Association (MCSSA), and Day of Gratitude (DAY-OF-GRATITUDE).